Surveying Eastern Long Island

Are you in need of a survey? Are you trying to purchase a property? Do you feel like this is just one more needless expense or pound of flesh that you must endure in the process?

Well, the survey can be your friend. The survey should be the first item ordered and then used to evaluate if there are any physical encroachments over the property and if all of the structures have appropriate certificates of occupancy.

The survey should be used before the purchase to address any potential problems that you might encounter after you become the owner. The survey can also be used to possibly arrange a better selling price. In that way, a survey can more than pay for itself. No other closing document can offer that possibility.

The survey is also the only historical "door stop" that you will have. As time goes on and towns make more intrusive laws, structures on the property will be grand fathered and their use protected. Very often we are contacted after the purchase by new homeowners with questions, and their common lament is, "Shouldn't this have been handled before I bought it?" And our reply is, "Well, yeah. Who was your attorney?" Response: "Oh, our friend's nephew from Queens handled it as a favor." "Well, he did you no favor, and you will certainly have not saved any money in the long run."

Whether you use us or any of the other fine firms on Long Island, do yourself the best favor you can and get a survey of what you are buying. If your attorney doesn't think it's necessary, ask if he will pay for any issues that may arise in the future that a survey now would have exposed.



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